Why join? What are the benefits to patients for joining PROMISE?

Prostate cancer patients who join PROMISE receive benefits in three key areas:

  1. Learn important new information about genetic factors in their cancer.
    • In the fight against prostate cancer, information is the most powerful tool.
    • Discover if they have a critical gene mutation that may impact their personalized care plan
    • Receive the most current information about new research, clinical trial opportunities, and treatments approved by the FDA. This information is sent via regular newsletters and updates.


  1. Help family members understand their own risk of prostate cancer as well as other types of cancer and disease.

    • Provide family members with updated information about susceptibility to cancer for themselves and future generations
    • Understand the effectiveness of different treatment options for their particular genetic profile


  1. Join a select group of patients, physicians, and researchers making an essential contribution to advancing research & understanding of prostate cancer
    • Provide essential genetic information and long-term outcomes that are not available anywhere else.
    • Join a community of men and their families with the shared knowledge and experience of fighting prostate cancer